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Helping Ensure Nankin Mills Remains A Link To Our Past,
A Resource For Our Future

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Nankin Mills Today

Carol Clements, Jim Franklin, Don Nicholson, Daryl Bailey and Eric Rasmussen with the Model T that will eventually be in the Interpretive Center. May 2012

Mill Lighting, December 2014

An Evening with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, September 2014
Nankin Mills over the Decades

Mill circa 1880.

Nankin Mills circa 1940. Ann Arbor Trail is at top. Farmington Rd, which at one time ran by the mill can be seen in the center of the photo.

Mill in 1920's after Henry Ford had remodeled it.

Mill in 1930's Note the windmill. The windmill stood until the 1970's when it was stolen (honest).

Mill in late 1930's

Mill around the time it was purchased by Henry Ford. Ford tore off the addition in the back (at right). 1916

Mill in 1940s when it was a Ford Plant. The mill closed not long after the war ended.

Mill in late 1920s.

Mill in the 1920s. Road in foreground is Farmington.
Nankin Mills Inside and Out

South view of Nankin Mills. This is an addition built in 1999 to house Wayne County Parks Dept. offices. 1995

Two of the Model Ts from the Model T Ford Club International that visited the mill in 2003.

One of the exhibits that tells the story of Henry Ford and his village industries project.

One of the wildlife exhibits that shows children the wide variety of animals that inhabit the nearby Rouge River and surrounding area.

Hydroelectric generator once used to power the Ford factory. The generator was built for Henry Ford by Thomas Edison.

One of the exhibits in the interpretive center. It is part of a series that tells the story of Native Americans who once inhabited this area.

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